Tips for Moving with Roommates

Moving signifies a new beginning that can be thrilling! However, it can be stressful, particularly when you have roommates. It doesn’t matter if the roommates and you are moving in together or leaving the shared space to begin your own adventures It is crucial to be well-organized. Below are some tried-and-true suggestions for dealing with the process of moving and storage service together to keep your home and bond best!

Review Timeline, Budget, and Expectations

Like most things, you should begin with a discussion. It’s easy to think that you’re in agreement about an idea, but you should be sure to get together and discuss the strategy. Here are some ideas to consider:

When do you plan to relocate? If there’s no overlap in the time between when you’ll have to leave your current address and be granted the keys to the new address You’ll need to prepare for storage and transitional accommodation.

How much do you have in your savings? The cost of moving can get expensive. Make sure you discuss your budget and come up with an approach that fits within the constraints. Don’t be surprised on the day of your move!

What is your plan? After you’ve established your move date and budget, you’ll be able to collaborate to plan out what needs to be accomplished in the time frame. Moving takes a lot longer than you anticipate therefore, make sure you make room for plenty of buffers in your plan.

Create an a moving checklist

Moving parts to moving. Keep an ongoing list of your items, tasks and reminders. You can create a shared document or a shared list in the notes app on your phone or similar. If you’re moving with someone else is important to establish who will handle what task, to ensure that it’s not a problem for anyone. A list of tasks shared will allow you to stay in the same direction, particularly when you’re not living together.

Don’t not forget to add these items to your checklist:

Make any necessary repairs to the address you used to live in.

Transfer utilities and insurance from one address to the next

Transfer your correspondence to the latest address for each roommate individually.

Sort and organize your items before you take your bags home

Get a celebratory glass of bubbly or a cake for the first night at your new home!

It’s important to clean out everything you own and reduce to make room for a move, and this is more so for roommates. There are more people which means more things and you’re not going to wish to transfer everything to your new residence to give away or to throw it in the trash.

Create a system for packing as well as sorting the boxes. Some boxes will contain shared items, however the majority will require identification by the individual. It is possible to use different color markers or labels to mark boxes. It is important to know the box that belongs to which without opening the box. Whatever you have in mind make sure you make it easy. If it’s complicated it could be the first item to go when things become stress-inducing.


Employ an Trusted Moving Company

One of the best choices you could make is to let an outside party do your heavy lifting. Professionals will take care of the packing of boxes disassembling furniture, packing, moving and then reassembling! Be sure to choose an established company such as Movers E Dubai. Our aim for every task is to deliver the best experience in moving our customers have ever experienced.

If both you and the roommate(s) are set to begin planning your next adventure contact Movers E Dubai at +971 564134172 to learn more about how our team will exceed your expectations.

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